Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, 25th March

11: 55pm
excuse busting workout

2 apples

one mango

rice with dried fish
one boiled egg

Monday, 23rd March

10.30 am
Excuse busting workout

11.11 am
1 apple

6.30 pm
Noodles stir-fry
2 cans of malt

excuse busting workout

tuesday, 24th March

Excuse-busting workout

2-ish pm
8 pieces fried plantain
Fried egg

Okro soup
2 pieces of chicken

In truth I am definitely not keeping to my diet but I know why. I am going through a lot of stuff now, and like before, food serves as a comfort to me. I know that's what I should be kicking against and trying to overcome, but right now I don't have the energy, interest and werewithal to fight it. I have bigger fish to fry, and fry I must. However, I am still writing down what I eat so that when I am able to retrace my steps I can see where I am coming from. But instead of beating myself up about where I have failed diet-wise, I have decided to focus on the milestones I have recorded on this journey to a smaller me.

The first one would be that I now try hard to eat a healthy breakfast, whatever time I wake up. before I saw it as a sign of strength to go until lunch, but now I realise that that can ruin your whole diet plan. People wonder why I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost everyday. The answer is simple: I love it. The way I eat it is healthy; I don't put any sugar or milk. And I make it very thick. I just love the consistency and taste of the grainy oatmeal in my mouth accompanied by a tart fruit, like apples or pineapples.

I can actually resist coca-cola now. Before that used to be my meal, or my meal accompaniement. I would have it for breakfast, with lunch, as a snack, etc. My joy was unlimited the day I went to a friend's office, was directed to the fridge and I took a bottle of water without a second glance at the numerous varieties of soda in the fridge.

I can also resist choccolates. You will not understand how big a deal this is. when I made a food shopping list chocolates were always a part. and in large quantity. I remember once when my closest friend went shopping for me, and I gave her my list. She thought I was joking when I she saw that I had written chocolate as the first item, and beside it I had written a large amount of money to be spent on it. When she realised I was serious she couldn't believe it.... I no longer put chocolates on my list, and I don't miss it anymore.

I actually love eating healthy. I cringe when the only option I have is to eat something unhealthy. I feel happy when I am eating something healthy primarily because I know what it is doing or will do to my body. That's also how I manage to stay away from unhealthy choices. I go online and google any food I eat to find out about its nutritional value and calorific content.

I exercise more now. and I am beginning to like and accept my body


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