Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, 30th April

Exercised, I guess.
Does a 15 minute walk in the blazing heat count?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back To The Future!


It's been a while, hasn't it? Like I said in an earlier post, I felt myself slipping on this diet thing, and I needed to withdraw and re-strategise, because, believe it or not, this is a war I am on. LOL. The thing is that I finally recognised that my trigger was stress and anxiety. When I am in a situation that seems out of my control, I overeat -I am a bit of a control freak. The problem was that I had no idea what to substitute eating/ binging with. So that's why I needed the break. Thanks, in part, to an online motivator that I subscribe to, I've been able to work through my feelings and feeding, and I have come quite far; but it's still a work in progress.

But damn! I was going to regale you with my fantastic feat today, and the reason behind it, in that order, only to find out when I got home, that my pedometer had fallen off my shoe. (That's what you get for power-walking on busy, dark roads without attaching your pedometer to your shoe straps. Hindsight is 20/20 vision.) So I can't tell you how many km or miles I walked, or how many calories I burned, but I can tell you that I walked 30 mins or thereabouts. And that's a feat for me, cos I hate walking. Or used to.

The point of this post is this: I now totally understand two fundamental issues in weight loss. The first is the idea that, the reason you are overweight, or that you eat indiscriminately, is not just because of food; that there is an underlying, deeper reason - in most people. The second is that you must find exercise that you enjoy, or find ways to make your exercise enjoyable. I realised during my 'retreat' that I will always have issues, problems, challenges that will make me anxious: I just had to find a way to get through them which does not include high sugar or high carbs. Presently, that solution involves a long walk with my ITouch, a nice, cute, comfortable outfit, and my pedometer. As I walk I mull over the issue or I pray- my other method of dealing with my issues. ( Most of the time I am too busy enjoying the music on my IPod, the cool night air, and the adrenalin to remember any issues. I regularly download exotic, and rare music that appeals to me, and the walk is my place to listen to and enjoy them.)

A final thing I have learnt on this journey, is that I can't do everything at once. When I began the healthy living regimen, I dedicated myself to having a cut-off time for my eating (8pm), exercising, cutting out my usual fattening treats, eating healthy food only, taking my daily multivitamins, etc. It worked but I was gradually overwhelmed. I have now learnt to take a goal a week and stick to only that. If it is eating no later than 8pm, dedicate yourself to that for one week, chart your progress everyday, and move onto another one next week. That's what I am doing now. This week's is to exercise everyday, save one. And today I did the excuse- busting workout, and I walked 30 minutes. So;

Day 1
Exercised today

How ya living?


I tried on a previously, VEEERRRY tight, belt today, and it was almost too loose. Yippeee!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday. 10th April

I'm overdosed on fibre. Jeez

2 cobs of salted boiled corn

4pm ish
1 small piece of boiled beef

5 .01pm
beans cooked in a little oil, onions and pepper,and boiled plantain

The rest of the beans

Monday, April 6, 2009


Sorry, I just saw these people's comments. Thanks to african weight loss diva and chari for coming to my blog.


You know, I never did anything to the settings on this blog, so I never realised that people were commenting on my blog. I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable for the successes and otherwise, of my weight and diet journey, and I never imagined that anyone would give two hoots about it, considering the boring menu options. Imagine my surprise today, when I saw several comments from some of my favourite bloggers. Thank you Pam, Uzezi, anonymous gal and Solomonsydelle for visiting.

It occured to me, at some point, that someone, or some people, would be concerned about the time I ate 'breakfast', or how much I ate, but I assumed that if that person did they would ask a question. Apparently, 'they' , or rather Pam did, and I never saw it. So here's the explanation.

For the past 3 months I have not slept earlier than 3.30am. (Mostly, it's by 4 or 4.30 or 5am, but if it's too early it will be 3.30.) The reason is that, in recuperating from my ankle injury , and staying home all day, I had to find all sorts of interesting ways to entertain myself and keep busy. (Moreover, a few things were constantly on my mind, and those kept me up and thinking- but that's a discussion for grey matters and not for this blog.) As a result, the routine that keeps me up till the wee hours includes reading, writing, studying a language and watching TV. Now, I know it may seem that if I sleep by 4 or 3, I should be up by 8 or thereabouts, but I see no reason to, and my body does need its 8 hours or more. And when I wake up, I don't just jump out of bed, I take time to meditate on my day, the mood I desire to be in, and the things I intend to achieve. Also, because I am living this extremely sedentary lifestyle, for now, I have to limit my food intake seriously, hence the small meals.

So, Pam, I know it is wrong to eat breakfast late. As a matter of fact, for anyone who is serious about checking their consumption of food, it is tantamount to sabotaging yourself. It's just that the saying' whenever you wake up is your morning', is a little more than a saying to me. LOL. And I try to get something to eat within 2 hours of my waking up.

Anyway, I'm back. I've sorted out the issues - no, I've learnt to understand the issues - and I'm ploughing right on. Here's my log for today.

100 Skips

1 apple

Eba (fist size)
egusi soup
1 chicken breast

1 apple, 2 bananas

I ate the meals so close to each other because my craving was for egusi soup all of last week, no thanks to the celebrity chef, but I couldn't wait for the soup to be ready, so I had breakfast first.

It feels good to be back (on track).