Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, the 2nd

I did my excuse-busting workout at about 12 noon today, and then had what is supposed to be my meal for the day:

Time: 1.05 pm

Meal: 21/2 ladles of jollof rice
1 liver piece
1 piece of goat meat

Time : 5pm
1 whole roast plantain

Time: 6:03pm
2 cherries (agbalumo)

Time: 7:00pm
Half cob, boiled corn

Time: 7:1opm
the other half, boiled corn (I read that corn is nutritious)

Time: 9:50sth pm (i know,i know)
1 small cherry

Time: 11pm
1 ear of boiled corn

If I am not full I cannot shut down at a certain time (8pm as I promised myself). I will do well to practice my former, one meal a day technique cos I don't measure the things I consider snacks, and that's not good. Also, the trick I used to practice before of telling myself I would eat whatever I craved tomorrow, doesn't seem to work anymore. I wonder if it is because due to my present circumstances I do not believe I will have it tomorrow.

I wish this leg would heal. I could skip and go swimming. On the plus side I actually am excited at the sight of fruits now. It's unbelievable. I feel the same rush I used to feel over chocolates and coke. Plus I instinctively make healthy choices now. I wish I could find a recipe that makes beans taste like rice to me. LOL.

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