Sunday, September 29, 2013

And So On And So Forth

I cannot say it enough but your state of mind affects your weightloss and your diet plan. I have been eating for comfort these past two/ three days because a lot of things have me stressed, worried and not in control.

-My mum had an accident, she was knocked down by her own car with my daughter in it
-I was called to execute a radio campaign complete with media buying worth  $8000  and then the next day it was suspended for no given reason
- The water supply system in my house is down again and I have zilch in terms of money and no water
- I am in debt of about 90k
- I have a job interview/ presentation tomorrow and it seems to be in an area of specialty where I dont have any training or competence, and I feel afaid
- I am flat broke

In all these I still went to the gym on Saturday. I worked out for about 2 hours. And I am still counting calories.

I guess everyday cannot be the same. I just need to not give up.

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