Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Story So Far

I cant believe it’s been 5 days already. So far I have been good except for the fact that I ate bread. But that was because I had no alternative. And just by default I have been cutting off my eating by 8. Solid food, that is. I eat veggies and fruits if necessary.
Today was a particularly tough day because it was terribly hot and I wanted a coke so badly, which is my usual MO. But I could not believe how I settled for water instead. I just remembered that I had made a pledge to myself and I stuck to it. Also, yesterday, after a particularly difficult day, Mummy kept a drink (malt) for me. I actually opened it then declined and did not even look back. I am so proud of myself. Now what I need is to support it with exercise.
Over the past few days I learnt a few things:
Losing weight is a journey about learning to forgive yourself and be kinder to yourself. It make s a lot of sense to me because I am my own worst critic. But from now, if I ever fall of the wagon I will remember this and just dust myself off and continue. I can do it,
Positivity and positive affirmations are not just important but absolutely necessary. I draw my strength from God and talk to him daily about who I am, who I want to be and how I think I will get there.
I have not practiced this yet but when I am exhausted at the gym, I will draw on the same reserves of strength I draw on when I have chores to do but I am exhausted. I think it is the same principle; don’t stop till you are done.

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